Our Mission

Help us bring Islamic knowledge to homes across the world this Ramadan

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant mosques are closed, and we’re about to endure a novel moment in history where there is no taraweeh and limited access to community and Islamic teachings.

Itiba.tv is our effort to tackle this. At an unprecedented time in history, we’ve switched into action, and moved quickly to bring out the first steps into a new way of bringing Islamic knowledge and teaching to the masses, no matter where you are in the world.

What is Itiba.tv?

Itiba.tv is a livestreaming service featuring Islamic lectures and classes from some of the world’s most prominent Islamic scholars. Join streams from scholars from all around the world, in multiple languages and take advantage of their immense knowledge this Ramadan.


Itiba.tv is being built in a step-by-step manner, and we have a full roadmap of where we intend to go drafted up. We love building things that people love and need, so we’re taking an iterative approach with your help and support.


Itiba.tv is set up as a non-profit company. This means no shareholders and no profit incentive. We aim to keep all our content and services as accessible as possible to as many Muslims as possible.

Want to help us bring our mission to life?

Spread the word

Share Itiba.tv on your social media, tell your friends and family, tune in to the website throughout Ramadan and beyond.

Donate to the cause.

We’re building out Itiba.tv as a full streaming platform for Islamic knowledge for all languages and regions of the world. You can support our development and organisational efforts by donating.

Itiba.tv is a non-profit company, registered in the UK: 12564553